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Through the Funhouse Lense of Memory – Flash Gordon

Let me preface this post by saying that I always thought that Flash Gordon was a pretty ridiculous movie.  It’s single greatest contribution to the cinematic  universe, letting us know what James Bond would look like if he was half-leprechaun. I mean, there isn’t a single thing about the movie that isn’t at least a […]

Casablanca Recast – Final Notes

Well, now that the casts are in place and a crapload of profit is guaranteed… We’re going to need a bigger wheelbarrow. Now it is time to announce the directors.  Which no doubt makes you giddy as a schoolboy. Now, let’s be honest.  A monkey could direct this movie with this cast and this property… […]

Casablanca – The Recast – Part II (The Parody)

And now it’s time to announce the casting for the parody, “Casablanka.” The Cast Role:  Sam Actor:  Biz Markie Producers’ Notes:  “We’re really proud of ourselves on this one.  And, yes, the song Sam is requested to play is ‘Just a Friend’ rather than ‘As Time Goes By.’  Sheer genius.” Role:  Yvonne Actress:  Sarah Silverman […]