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Thursday Breakdown – The Social Network

So, on Thursdays I intend to do a little bit of Gene Siskel, a little bit of Roger Ebert and a whole heckalot of this guy:

Ahhhhhh, yeah!

So, today I’m going to break down some impressions of The Social Network, a movie about how one computer nerd screwed over some privileged rowers and then his own friend and became the youngest billionaire in history.

Other than Richie Rich.

When I first heard there was a movie about the beginnings of Facebook coming out I had about as much interest in watching it as I did in learning how to do the following:

Which is a little, sure, but who isn’t just a little curious?

But then I found out that Aaron Sorkin was writing the script and that David Fincher was directing.  Which is basically as good a team as you can put together on a film nowadays without involving Christopher Nolan.

Or Batman with balloons. 

So, I became very enthusiastic about the project very quickly.  Loved The West Wing & Fight Club, among those luminaries’ other projects.

The story is fairly straightforward.  A guy who looks like this:

Oh, my.

. . . decided he really wanted to get laid and figured the only way to do it was to make a billion dollars.

I hear the same plan will also make you very popular with cats. Meow.

So he does what anyone would do in his situation, writes thousands upon thousands upon thousands of lines of computer code . . .

way sexy that

. . . screws over a few rich preppies . . .

Olympian preppies

. . .and along the way redefines the way people interact on the Internet.  It’s pretty much the American Dream.  After this he moves to California, joins forces with Justin Timberlake, screws over his best friend and ends up young and alone atop a huge pile of money that all the people he screwed over want a piece of. 

A visual.

Which would seem like a happy ending, except the last actual scene shows this fabulously wealthy man sending a friend request to the girl who started all of this and then refreshing the screen over and over again like a loser.

She does look like this, so I can probably excuse him a moment’s obsessiveness.

Which is enough to make a grown man cry.

Like so.

That’s pretty much the plot, but what makes the movie dynamic is the snappy dialogue and the incredible pacing of the story.  It’s a short two-hour movie, and it manages to feel that way without the benefit of explosions or car chases.

That having been said, this movie is not for adrenaline junkies.  It’s pretty talkie and if you don’t like that in a film, this probably isn’t for you.  But I liked it a lot.  And I don’t say that about just anything.



One comment on “Thursday Breakdown – The Social Network

  1. Love your review. I think John Boehner’s crying moment would have been a good “crying man” picture too!

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