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Wikipedia Wednesday – Forum for Stable Currencies

Well, it looks like the Random Gods were unkind to me today.  It is hard to bring a lot of funny to the topic, “Forum for Stable Currencies.”

At least with unstable currency I could try to photoshop a picture of George Washington on meth or something.

But these guys, these British guys . . .

Damn you, Redcoats!

Are essentially a bunch of Dungeons & Dragon playing nerds with a +2 slide rule of illumination or something.

Is that a giant slide rule or are you just happy to see me, nerds?

I suppose I should be fair and list a brief summary of the page:

Forum for Stable Currencies is a political advocacy group in the United Kingdom seeking economic democracy through freedom from national debt. Founded in 1998, the group is a non-governmental organization without governmental funding. In 2003, New Statesman reported that the forum was “attracting leading figures from the world of small business and across the political spectrum.” 2006’s Market, Schmarket: Building the Post-capitalist Economy refers to the efforts of the Forum to “democratize the process of money creation” as “sterling work.”

“Sterling work?” Seriously?  Damn, these guys are sooooooooooooo British.  I mean, seriously, what kind of person is visiting Wikipedia to look up these guys?  Their families?

This guy?

Well, not me.  And this is two times in a row Wikipedia has thrown lame at me in my search for random awesomeness.  I better get something more interesting next week.

Like Cthulhu.


One comment on “Wikipedia Wednesday – Forum for Stable Currencies

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