Nate’s Guest Blog – About a Girl . . . And a Dog

I wasn’t sure what I would begin with while stealing blog-space from my brother.  He’s kindly allowing me to test the winds—for which I am grateful.  Just to clear out some space for myself here, I know that I am not nearly as funny as Craig is—I won’t speak for Shaun but I have always considered Craig to be the funniest person in the family. 

There are varying degrees of funny

And Craig is certainly more funny than say, Louis CK

And that dude is funny

So this is just me…I do have a quick story.  It is completely the unvarnished truth.  The story is about a little dog.  You see, I met this girl.  And, long story short, I quickly started to realize that I wanted to spend more time with her.  And then I also realized that she actually might be taking me seriously.  Then we had a work event where we flirted.  Then she was gone.  I was still there and she was nowhere to be found.  I called her house and spoke with her briefly.  Then I made a split-second decision.  I chased her down.  She was this lovely thing, this beautiful girl that I wanted to spend time with.  I just didn’t realize there would be a test.


When I showed up at the door, she answered it with a 20 pound, fluffy-as-hell shih tzu in her arms.

Yeah.  See what I mean?

I don’t recall what I said, but it prompted this green-eyed woman to thrust her dog into my arms.  “Here Nate, take my dog!”  Not being much of a dog person at this point, I can only imagine the look on my face as I awkwardly held the little dog of a woman I wanted to date who was keenly staring at me.  I don’t think I recognized at the time the leap of faith she had just made.  Maybe by at least giving it a shot she was judging if I were suitable after all.  (Yeah, the dog freaking loved me from the get-go.  Go figure.)  I got a lick on the nose for my trouble.  From that day forward, as I started to spend more time over there, he got particular about who would take him out and who would walk him—lucky me!

Lucky me.

I love you, Avery.  Seriously, I can’t tell you how much I love this dog.

So.  I know that I will never bring about the sheer magnitude of funny that my brother brings on a nearly daily basis.  But I’ll just be here occasionally.

Like Chris Elliott, Esq., replete with blond pageboy wig.

(And I can be funny once-in-a-while!)  Just don’t get me started on politics.

And not to go on a rant, but this guy is a raging douche!


6 comments on “Nate’s Guest Blog – About a Girl . . . And a Dog

  1. It was all I could do not to insert the sweater picture in this post . . . it would have been after he expressed his love for Avery.

  2. Okay…so did you add the link to Maltese Puppies for Sale? Ha ha. Just kidding.

  3. Oh don’t be that way. And if I ever see that photo again, I’m coming to NY to kill you. No, seriously. Kill you.

  4. I could care less who the funny one is in our family. Oops, I mean I couldn’t care less who the… oh forget it! Craig is so the funny one and then some.

    Nice one older bro-ham. If you start a separate blog I’m in trouble. It’s hard enough keeping up-to-day with Craigs. How will I ever keep up with a 2nd one?

  5. Nicely done, Nate, very enjoyable piece and Craig, you were very kind to lend him some space! Shaun you’re up next, so don’t get too comfortable…;-)

  6. Shaun, you are far too kind, as is Ally. I can only hope that Craig will continue to indulge me! If I started my own blog it would eventually turn into a toxic stew that nobody would appreciate. As long as Craig gives me the OK, I’ll just rest on HIS laurels! 🙂

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