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Friday Night is Sports Night – Why are Wide Receivers Crazy?

There are many great mysteries in this world.  Like, what’s up with those statues on Easter Island?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  What happened to Atlantis?

My guess? Attacked by giant squids.

And then there’s the more mundane questions, like why are so many wide receivers absolutely insane? 

Exhibit 1, Randy Moss sporting the “Crazy Hair”

Exhibit 2: Terrell Owens in his “Crying-Man” persona.

Exhibit 3, Chad Johnson/Ochocinqo frightening children.

Exhibit 4 (I’m pretty sure Marvin’s thinking about shooting someone)

Exhibit 5, Burress shot himself in the leg ending a promising career

Heck, even Manson played wide receiver on his prison flag football team until he blew out his ACL in ’89.

 Look around, no position in any sport features as many crazies as the wide receiver position in football.  And that’s even accounting for roid rage.

Which is largely a myth anyway.

Now, I know that you’ve probably come here looking for answers.  I’ll be honest; I don’t have them. 

Except if you’re asking who’s my hero; It’s this guy.

Maybe it’s all just a big coincidence.  Maybe the craziness of wide receivers is just more publicized than the craziness of other sport stars.  After all, many people have regrettable moments that aren’t captured by the national sports media.

It’s probably unfair to leave out the crazies from other walks of life.  Dentists, school teachers, firemen, truckers, all professions have their share of crazies.  Heck,  even television personalities have their eccentricities . . .

Do you suppose he’s thinking about gold?

But, honestly, don’t we all have people at work who are just a little out of synch, or maybe just seem to need a little bit too much attention.  I ask you, quietly ponder your own workplace.  Isn’t there a Randy Moss in all of our work settings?  (If you can’t think of one, it might just be you.)

Have a great weekend.


One comment on “Friday Night is Sports Night – Why are Wide Receivers Crazy?

  1. I think that you’re unfairly targeting a man who clearly needs extensive psychiatric evaluation, followed by what I can only hope is also extensive shock treatment. Beck too.

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