Doug Marrone is my new man-crush

Time to move over Tom Izzo, Craig’s got himself a new sports man-crush.

Don’t move too far; I’ll still ❤ you in brackets come March.

But the coach who puts a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step (in a completely manly way) is now one Doug Marrone.

Who has raised Syracuse University’s football program from the dead.

In two years this has man has taken a complete and utter stinking pile of poop masquerading as a football team and he has built a winner.  In other words …

…He has taken this …

…and turned it into this.

So I can comfortably forget the four years of awfulness Greg “Beelzebub” Robinson subjected me to and enjoy College Football again.

You’ll have to imagine the devil horns.

Some of you may be shaking your heads, wondering why it is you’re reading about football coaches.  But this isn’t really about football.  This is about hope.  This is about joy.  This is about the ending of a nightmare.  This is about having something you loved and lost returned to you when you thought you would never see it again.

Dammit, this is about Double Freakin’ Rainbows!!!!

It’s also a little about football coaches. And for that I apologize. 

By way of recompence I offer this image, as far from a football coach as possible on the image spectrum.  I hope you enjoy it.


6 comments on “Doug Marrone is my new man-crush

  1. 7-3 , Bowl Eligible, things are looking up. As exciting as this season has been, you do realize they’re only a ESPNU worthy team; thank goodness I finally have ESPNU HD at my house.:-)

    On to bigger and better things, bro; How about Syracuse basketball? They’re off to a comfortable 2 and 0! I can’t wait to hear your perspective.

  2. And by the way Doug Marrone is no Tom Izzo or Jim Boeheim for that matter.

  3. Doug Marrone is doing just fine for himself. It just takes time if you get the right guy, and this guy apparently bleeds Orange. Which is abnormal and a little scary.

  4. Glad tidings all around! Although, to listen to Boeheim on the news last night, he was blasting the journalists for lauding the team. Seems he thinks they are only a “four man team” right now…no depth and how could the news media get away with saying how GREAT (think Tony the Tiger) they are.

  5. dog with pumpkins. finally, something I understand!

  6. Kind of missing the point on this one Shaun. Obviously they aren’t a great team; the Rutgers game was painful to watch. They lack depth and star talent. But they could still win nine games and make it into the BCS, and if I had said that to you last August you would have just laughed at me. Plus, Marrone just GETS it. Check out this link for his press conference and see if you don’t come away impressed. http://www.suathletics.com/news/2010/11/14/MBB_1114105659.aspx

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