Nate’s Guest Blog – A Matter of Inclination


My brother wrote recently about writer’s block.  About how it makes you possibly doubt your original premise.  I know personally that it also shocks you to realize that your mind can simply shut down on the topic or storyline.  It’s not due to anything truly physical, it’s all mental.  I suppose it’s fascinating for somebody needing a thesis topic. 

It’s ALIVE!!  Oh.  Well, no, it’s actually not.   My bad.

But most of the time, the people that scoff at writer’s block,  they don’t know, they haven’t tried.  It takes tenacity.  Which is why I admire my brother as much as I do.  He writes.  And he keeps writing.  Within what he wrote, he offered the exact same suggestion that I would give to any of “the aspiring” as the nasty bastard in “Finding Forrester” put it. 

I said aspiring, since you clearly can’t be inspiring.

Back off for a bit.  Think about something else.  Jot down a grocery list.  Spend some time on thoughts of what you might get your family for Christmas.  Also, spend some time writing something else.  Sorry, ANYTHING else. 

OK, just don’t dwell for too long.

Write about your fears. 

This guy qualifies.

Write about the weather and how it makes you recall the rainy days,

the snowy days,

the perfect days,


the windy days 

  The days when you had the pleasure of having a fall day with the opportunity to snuggle with someone.  (Don’t bother giving me shit, you know what I mean)  My wife and I snuggled on my mother’s deck under a thick blanket, on the swing,  while visiting on a New York fall. 

(If you are not familiar with a New York fall I am very sorry.  You have missed out.) 

It was one of the happiest moments of my life.  You know when another person becomes family. 

So:  write.

About the imperfections of things too.  They’re more interesting anyway.


Write this. 


Or that. 

Classic, in a completely different way

Or maybe this. 

The First Rule of writer's block is we do not talk about writer's block!

Or, God forbid, this. 

Though nobody knows who actually wrote this steaming pile of…

Just write.

It’s one thing I can say with confidence.

Also:  don’t take years off.  It takes too long for the rust to grind off of the gears. 

Do it.


5 comments on “Nate’s Guest Blog – A Matter of Inclination

  1. Another winner! 🙂

  2. boy have you got that right. I probably couldn’t write a poem now if my life depended on it. sometimes I read my old stuff and am amazed at how good some of those poems were….like a whole different person wrote them. I say if you stop writing for years it’s more than rust on the gears….in my case it’s xanax stagnation!

  3. Linda I’m surprised to hear that. I had a packet of your stuff (in a Rubbermaid container I’m sure right now) and I always found it so incredibly deep and interesting. “If I breathe too deep…” was very moving to me.

  4. Well put! Although I must say, sometimes just getting caught up on emails keeps me busy! Ha!


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