Spotlight – Aliases

You see it all the time on FBI wanted posters and spy movies:  The A.K.A., the alias, the one person pretending to be someone else.

As featured in this television documentary.

I suppose most everyone has at one time or another wanted to be someone else.

Except this guy.

Some people don’t like who they are, other people like who they are well enough, but think they would like themselves as someone else even more.  As a child we dream of being doctors, firemen, astronauts,

Mimes.  Or was that just me?

And then we get hit with reality.  Hard.

25-pound sledge hard.

So doesn’t it make sense that it’s a little bit appealing to have some secret identity?  Everyone we idolized growing up had one.

Bruce Wayne had Batman.  Peter Parker had Spiderman.  Clark Kent had Superman.

The single most effective disguise accessory ever.

 So is it really surprising that this

wants to be this?

Or that she

wants to be her?

Not at all.  But, unfortunately, that just isn’t happening.  You are who you are.  Chances are if you look like a moron growing up . . .

Oh, the humanity!

you’re going to look like an older moron when you’re an adult.

Though there are exceptions.

 But you can have a name.  A secret and private name, like a nom de plume.

Mine is R. Arthur McFizzlepots.

Heck.  You have to start somewhere, don’t you?

Edited to include a hint to the location of the walrus:  The name is actually an alias.


4 comments on “Spotlight – Aliases

  1. Would you want to be known as Samuel Langhorne Clemens? Wait. Now that I think about it, I would.

  2. love the hat, Mac!

  3. In fond remembrance of Rodney Dangerfield I believe someone should say, and I am about too, that hat looks good on you – R. Arthur – (Caddyshack).

    I only wish I could add the sound file; it is just not the same text only!


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