Steve Buscemi – A Man for All Seasons

I was catching up on Boardwalk Empire this weekend

It’s pretty good, though I’m not huge on gangster shows.

But I’m not posting about the show, I’m posting this as a kind of bromance love note to Steve Buscemi, who plays the lead, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson in the program.

Seen here.

What follows are the many faces of Steve Buscemi, the most successful ugly man in all of Hollywood.  He gives us all hope.  God bless you, Steve Buscemi!

First, the “Ink” Years

Mink in Miller’s Crossing

Chet in Barton Fink

Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs

And then the Salad Days

Buddy Holly waiter in Pulp Fiction

Rex in Airheads (sporting an awesome wig!)

Carl Showalter in Fargo

Donny Kerabatsos in The Big Lebowski

Rockhound in Armageddon

& Crazy Eyes in Mr. Deeds

So, let’s all give it up for the man of many faces (none of them pretty),

Mr. Steve Buscemi!


3 comments on “Steve Buscemi – A Man for All Seasons

  1. I have to give you credit. As much as I appreciate Buscemi, I never thought I’d read a tribute online.

  2. Favorites: Carl Showalter and Donny Kerabatsos. But I’d watch him in anything. Big fan, and not afraid to admit it. Ugly? Not so bad. Especially when compared to Mickey Rourke.

  3. […] search terms (251 and 23, respectively) is Coming to America, which I put between the cross hairs in this post. Coming to America was, depending on who you ask, either a light-hearted comedy about a man finding […]

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