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Doug Marrone, a Man-crush Revisited

So, Syracuse University’s football program… believed as dead as this recently won the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl yesterday by a score of 36-34. Which has become my new PIN number. It was a great game, full of excitement and controversy.  And at the end of the day, the right team won.  I’m enormously pleased.  Doug Marrone, […]

Merry Christmas – My Niece Is Beautiful

Christmas is guaranteed to be great when spent with a beauty like Caitlin. Merry Christmas, everyone. And Connor, don’t you worry, you’re a damned fine looking little man. Look at those guns.    

Contest Time – Find the Walrus!

As mentioned earlier, December marks a special opportunity for you, the reader, to win the Dimlight Exclusive Contest:  Find the Walrus!  Somewhere on my site is a page dedicated to the glory to the kissing cousin of this good creature: He reminds me of my uncle. A hint can be found on one of the previously […]