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Through the Funhouse Lens of Memory – Coming To America

Happy New Year, Everybody. 

I’ve started 2011 by reflecting back on one Eddie Murphy, in a time between this…

Wookin’ pa nub.

and his less admirable contemporary work…

I’d like to think Axel Foley would stick a banana up Donkey’s tailpipe.

I’m talking about Coming to America.  The good kind.

Not this kind. (My apologies to any Neil Diamond fans out there.)

I’m talking about the kind that features-among others-Samuel Jackson

Doin’ his trademark crazy…

James Earl Jones

Nice lion.

and, of course, Eddie Murphy as an old white man who hangs out at a barbershop.

Apparently also with a banana up his tailpipe. 

 It’s a tale of a prince of a small country looking for love in the Big City.

While working his way up in the fast-paced world of burgers and fries.

 And though he is incredibly privileged, he finds joy in mopping up McDowells

not McDonalds…

and meets the girl of his dreams.

She’s at least 40% less horny than her sister, which means she’s got class!

The movie is hilarious on many levels and features a couple of notable quotable lines…

Sexual Chocolate!

Just let your Soul . . . glooooow…

Soul glo.

Heck, this movie even made me like Arsenio Hall.

Though I still wouldn’t want to date him.

So to sum up, Coming to America the song not awesome, Coming to America the movie…


And it finally convinced me what my life’s aspiration should be…

to have my picture on money.

I think I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on…


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