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A Look at the Mystical #708

Failing a good topic, I decided to choose a number at random and probe its mysteries. No doubt some of you are asking yourselves, “Why 708?” And to you doubters I say…

Do I need to go over the meaning of the phrase “at random?”

So, 708. An even number. It’s factors are 2,2,3 & 59. Yes, 59 is prime.

Coincidently, “59 is Prime” will also be the theme of my pre-sexagenarion birthday party.  Ahh, yeah.

And that’s the end of the math section of today’s post.

The only sad person at hearing that. He’s a mathamagician.

But it’s amazing how life is ruled by the number 708.  Consider:

 708 is the amount of times you can say a person’s name in a row before they will choke you to death.

 Though they’ll start thinking about it around 8 or 9.

 708 is the total IQ score of the Alabama starting defense.

Roll Tide.

 708 is the number of seconds I will allow between when a person leaves their piece of delicious pie sitting in front of me and when I start eating it.

 Whereupon it will take me 3 seconds to eat it.

 The first image that comes up on a Google search for 708:

Nice sign.

The first hit on a regular search on Google tells you 708 is the area code for Cook County, well known destination of at least one mission from God himself.

Wow.  Dan Ackroyd was once kinda funny.

708 is the number of times I heard Holly, Jolly Christmas this holiday season.

I hate you Burl Ives.  But I love that pipe.

708 is the number of reasons why I hate Duke and you should, too.

#1 Reason?  Kyle Singler makes me think of the movie Mask. Ewwwww.

And, finally, 708 is the total number of Law & Order Series episodes showing today on cable.

I refuse to watch any of them until someone buys my pitch for Law & Order: Raccoon Drummer Unit.  It’s magic, I tells ya!


One comment on “A Look at the Mystical #708

  1. One of my former students is part of Alabama’s starting defense. I’m not necessarily arguing with your assertion… I’m just sayin’. I did my best.

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