Is That a Nun in Your Luggage or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

So, in case you missed it, this happened the other day.

For those of you too lazy to click the link, a monk tried to board an airplane  in Greece with the bones of a nun in his luggage.  That’s right, including the skull.

Good news! It fits easily in the overhead compartment!

 Dude tried to say that the bones were sanctified and sacred to him.

Makes sense.  Because the best way to show respect and reverence for someone is to put them neatly beside your socks.

 Now, this literally didn’t fly.

 Also incapable of flight.

Apparently this monk was attempting to smuggle false sanctified bones because such things still matter in the Greek Orthodox Church.  But this is upsetting to me on a personal level.  You see, I didn’t know that it was against the rules to have bones in my carryon luggage.  To my credit, I do know about the whole no toothpaste thing.

 Who knew combining Crest with Scope was like messing with nitroglycerine?  

You may be saying to yourself (or aloud, I don’t judge) “Why does that upset Craig?  Surely he doesn’t carry the bones of nuns with him.”  And, of course, I do no such thing.  But I am a nervous flier and long ago discovered the only way for me to truly be at ease on an airplane was to carry the pinky finger of Ricardo Montalban in a pendant around my neck

 Don’t judge me.

Now, one wonders, did this guy seriously think he could get through airport security with bones?  Did he simply think it wouldn’t be a problem?  Heck, even Australia doesn’t specifically prohibit people from bringing nun’s bones into their country and their list of prohibited item is extensive.

Fascist and baby fascist.

Still, it is creepifying, even before you get into whether or not the nun was a saint.  Turns out she isn’t, though she was held in high enough esteem that this monk thought someone would want to pray to her bones.

She must have been one smokin’ hot nun.   And, yes, I know that’s wrong.


2 comments on “Is That a Nun in Your Luggage or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

  1. forget Australia. you can’t even bring snack foods or items that include bark. how neanderthal of them.

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