Proof of a Higher Power?

The debate over the existence of god in either the lower or upper case has gone on for ages with heated arguments made on either side that convince no one on the other side.  In this debate I have remained, as ever, neutral.

Precious tool of my trade.

But today I learned of something that may tilt the balance of the discussion in my mind.

Like a see saw with a fat man on one end and a skinny one on the other.

What is this development, you ask?  Was someone raised from the dead?  Did Glenn Beck say something logical?

Not bloody likely.

No.  Nothing like that.  As always, it’s the small, understated things that ultimately make the most compelling arguments.

Whiskey in a can.  I may have oversold the whole understated thing.

Surely this is the greatest invention since the wheel!

Or at least whiskey in a glass.

We’ve had can technology for decades.  Whiskey technology for even longer.  But never before have the two been combined.  It was staring us right in the face!  A perfect combination!

Another good combination.

So, there we are.  Evidence finally of a higher power.  Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning no doubt know of whom I speak.



2 comments on “Proof of a Higher Power?

  1. OK. Who was the sick, sick sick person that contributed to that Batman photo?

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