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Introducing Judas Peckerwood

There are a lot of vulgarisms out there you can use to describe someone of an unpleasant personality, many of them scatological, such as jerk, ass, prick, dick, douchebag, etc.  And these are all well and good.  Useful on occassion. Douchebag suffices to describe this guy, for example. And sometimes these words can be amusing. And […]

And on the Seventh Day, God Made Us Chili…

And it was delicious. Today is my favorite day of the winter.  It beats Christmas. Stupid elves. It beats my birthday. Damn, I’m old. It beats Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s too. But, really, how could you seperate those two? Today is the day of Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook Off… What their fliers should have looked […]

The Wisdom of the Wild

On such a balmy day as today I am given to believe there is something to this Groundhog shadow thing. Kudos to Punxsutawny Phil, giving credibility to rodent meteorologists since 1887.  Of course, since the average lifespan of a groundhog is about ten years, I’m actually more impressed that he also has the secret to […]