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The Plight of Harry Baals

 Today’s will be a short post, but possibly the most important entry I will make all month.  Today I want to draw attention to Fort Wayne, Indiana, a small city that most people spend little time discussing. 

They are constructing a new government center and they would like to name it.  Nothing unusual about that.   Buildings need names.

Though I have to say I’m disappointed they didn’t simply name it after Flavor Flav.  Some day.

Instead they will be naming the building after some local politician.  Fort Wayne was incorporated in 1840, so there is a large pool to choose from.  And in a most democratic fashion, the powers that be have allowed the proud citizens of Fort Wayne to participate in the process via an on-line poll.

This couldn’t possibly go wrong.

And among the candidates a clear favorite has emerged, one Harry Baals, a four-term mayor of the city spanning three decades.  No doubt he was a popular man and a fine civil servant.  But that’s not the reason he’s leading the on-line poll.

If you need an explanation as to why he’s leading the poll I suggest you ask this guy.  He’ll know.  He’s probably already voted half a dozen times.

The people running the competition are aware of the wherefores of Harry’s popularity and have declared him ineligible.  They fear naming their building after him would result in off-color jokes from the likes of Jay Leno and David Letterman.  No doubt they are right.

Though I’ve got to think there’s an ear joke or two out there.  One hopes children were less cruel when Harry was growing up.

So, Harry is denied a tribute to his hard work and quality service because Americans find scatological jokes appealing.  That’s sad to me.  And hilarious.  But I salute you Mr. Baals.  I’d put your name on a building.


One comment on “The Plight of Harry Baals

  1. Don’t know if this counts, but I was so touched by this post that I made Mr. Baals the official sponsor of my boxers. Nobody will see this, but it’s my contribution.

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