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Just Another Band that Never Made it Big

There are some people who know me well who will tell you (not without reason) that my range of musical taste is limited.  There’s Elliott Smith and then there’s everybody else.  And it’s fair to say that this is more or less true.

But who can blame me when he sounds this good?

It wasn’t always that way.  There was a time before Elliott, when I listened to lots of music, a whole heckalot of it bad.

Guilty pleasures?  Yeah, I’ve had a few.

And as anyone who lived near me freshman and sophomore years at BG can attest, I was a bit of a fan of The Connells.  The Connells.  Yeah, I know, that probably doesn’t ring a bell.

Oooh, I just made an in joke about The Connells.  And no one will get it. (Sigh.)

They were a garage band from down Raleigh way (that’s North Carolina for the geographically challenged).

Like this guy.

They had big guitar sounds, singable tunes and a huge following in the Deep South and also Germany.

And the Germans are known for their good taste when it comes to the finer things in life.

I heard them for the first time by pure accident.  My brother left behind a music mix tape on one of his return trips home from Duke University.

Where he learned to love the ferret.  A life-long love that I’ve excused for a very long time because I love him, but it has always kills me a little inside.

And among the Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails and Screaming Trees there were a pair of songs that I really f***ing liked.

And, yes, The Smiths also made the mix tape, but I’m not talking about them.

The problem was my brother hadn’t left behind the case so I had no song titles or band names to go on.  This was back in the dark ages of 1990 and the interwebs had yet to catch on.

Damn you Al Gore for being so slow!

So I didn’t know what the name of the band was that produced this song that obsessed me so.

Somehow I got it in my mind that it was Concrete Blonde.  Don’t ask me why.  But what a stroke of luck it was that I had this mistaken impression, because when I looked for Concrete Blonde in the tape store I saw directly beneath it this tape.

Yes, I mean tape.  Yes, I am old. (wipes away a tear)

Since the name of the album was also clearly the name of the mystery song I bought it.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Like the Kaiser.  Damn.  That’s some awesome facial hair.

The Connells started shedding band member at the turn of the century and haven’t put out a new album in ten years.  It is unlikely they will put out anything further at this point as they have moved on, had families, started selling real estate.  But they still live on in my iTunes collection.  Which is more than I can say about this guy:



One comment on “Just Another Band that Never Made it Big

  1. Sorry, but as much as I enjoyed the post, “Mother” needed to be in all caps…just saying. “MOTHERRRR!!!!!”

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