The Wisdom of the Wild

On such a balmy day as today I am given to believe there is something to this Groundhog shadow thing.

Kudos to Punxsutawny Phil, giving credibility to rodent meteorologists since 1887.  Of course, since the average lifespan of a groundhog is about ten years, I’m actually more impressed that he also has the secret to eternal life.  Props.

And Phil has got me thinking that maybe I should be looking to the animal world in areas of my life other than the weather.  Here’s what I have so far:

Circumnavigation Advice

Abdul the pigeon.

Fashion Advice

Carlos the Cat.

Relationship Advice

Stan the Shark. 

Philosophy & Meditation

Old School Yoda

Investment & Financial Advice

Paulie Pork

And, last but not least:

Interplanetary negotiations

Shatner & the Tribbles

Life is better when you listen to the wisdom of the wild.  But, so help me god, Phil, if you are wrong about this early spring I will hunt you down and make you into a groundhog-skin hat.


2 comments on “The Wisdom of the Wild

  1. Oh Craig. You were so sensitive and compassionite in. Yeah. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. You’ll likely be the only one unless Linda feels generous.

  2. Yes, the warm weather sure was wonderful yesterday! However, with the warmth also come the skunks from their hibernating mode. YUCK!

    And, Nathan, do you think you could send your mother the link to your blog? I had no idea.

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