And on the Seventh Day, God Made Us Chili…

And it was delicious.

Today is my favorite day of the winter.  It beats Christmas.

Stupid elves.

It beats my birthday.

Damn, I’m old.

It beats Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s too.

But, really, how could you seperate those two?

Today is the day of Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook Off…

What their fliers should have looked like.

…where more than fifty varieties of chili are available to delight my palatte.

Which means I get to feel like this guy for four and a half hours.

And though it happens to be a day later than I expected…

As this guy (William Gladstone) might be inclined to say, “Chili delayed is chili denied!!!!” if he was super dramatic and loved chili as much as I do.

…it will still be awesome.  I had to miss the annual event last year due to extenuating circumstances.

Adorable circumstances.

So I’m extra motivated this year.  But enough writing about chili.  It’s time to eat chili, the way God intended.


3 comments on “And on the Seventh Day, God Made Us Chili…

  1. enjoy your favorite day, Craig!!

  2. Eat your heart out, my brother. (Also have antacids handy. Just in case) Wish I could join you.

  3. Glad the weather cooperated today! Being a day late just made you appreciate it more. ha ha.

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