Faith No More & The Great Pumpkin

Everyone has a moment in their life when all of their illusions from childhood come crashing down in one fell swoop.  Mine was when I saw that this man:

Jim Martin from Faith No More, more Terminator than man

is also this man:

Apparently Jim Martin was the man who finally bagged the Great Pumpkin, whose carcass you can clearly see behind him.

I can’t say this enough:  this is not a joke.  Those are the same man.

It’s kind of like you saw this guy:

Leather is bad ass.

and then you turned away and turned back really quick and saw this guy:

Whither Rick Moranis?

And, I know what you’re thinking, and the pumpkin is NOT photo-shopped.  However, this image is.

Introducing the Ape Walrus, Mr. Bunglejoy.  And yes, ladies, he’s single.

The mind boggles.  I leave you with a little Mr. Martin in his first incarnation…


4 comments on “Faith No More & The Great Pumpkin

  1. What the hell are you even talking about! Jim will be cool even if he wears a ballerina outfit. Not even if, especially if!

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  3. […] made ten posts and pushed past the 9,000 total hit barrier.  My Faith No More & The Great Pumpkin post continues to rake in hits from people doing Google image searches for Jim Martin and his big […]

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