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There… Pretty as a Picture

Awk! Zombies! … There. Pretty as a Picture Willie, of The Simpsons fame, reminding us that no matter what life throws at us, zombies never last forever. We hope So it is in all things.  Work, family, relationships.  Everything. So many zombies. The only way to react when faced with adversity is with the proper […]

Whither the New Agrarianism?

Whither the New Agrarianism?

The Kentish Sleep Journal is a comedic piece written by Marshall Brickman and was introduced to me via a comedy collection my older brother, Nate, owned back when we both had a full complement of hair. I’m no longer allowed to use this picture of Nate for blogging purposes It is, quite simply, one of […]

The Season 2 Game of Thrones trailer

Looks like more awesome to me, but judge for yourself. Nerdgasm.