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Without a Doubt the Most Incredibly Amazing Hyperbole You’ve Ever Heard.

It’s the end of January in an election year, which means the hyperbole engines of our country’s two parties are in overdrive.  I do my best to duck out of the way, but… sometimes I feel I just have to comment.

No, Mitt, I don't believe you caught a fish that big. Or that you're a man of the people.

Or that it was a Democratic Party conspiracy to make Newt wear that bow tie.

And I certainly don't believe Santorum's assertion that Little Mac from "Punch-Out!" was based on his life's story.

Though, on the other hand, I totally can see him as Glass Joe.

And it’s just beginning.  Just wait until the Republicans pick a candidate so they can go head to head with Obama.

Which I imagine will look a little like this.

So, get your umbrella.  The shit storm is on its way, and it’s going to be heavy.

Damn. it's headed straight for me.


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