Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . when did I start talking to mirrors?

Today, in my last posting before I leave the vaunted 25-34 age group forever,

Don’t be sad, monkey. It was a good run.

I would like to reflect back a little on the last ten years.

And see a decade of awesome

It is not without a certain amount of regret.

I never did meet Batman

And my dreams of inventing the first ever quadruple-decker pizza franchise remain unfulfilled…

Triple-decker Pizzas are for Losers

But it hasn’t been all bad.  Syracuse finally won a national championship thanks to a certain talented player…

I became an uncle.


Which, I think we can all agree, is nice.

Not quite this level of nice, but you know, solid.

I’m still 4 years younger than my brother, Nate.

No doubt you remember him from previous blog posts

And there’s still time for me to get going on my bucket list.

Item #27: Start a Nirvana Cover Band with the Abominable Snowman as my bassist

So, wish me luck.  Here I go.


3 comments on “Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . when did I start talking to mirrors?

  1. You publish that picture again and I’m coming to Ithaca to murder you while you sleep. Unless I get too lazy, then I’ll hire-out Pesco to do it for me.

  2. Pesco is very easily bribed with beer.

  3. Now that you are 35 you will start talking to even more to inanimate objects. Part of the journey…

    BTW you really had to look to find that picture of Nathan! Kudos.

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