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The World According to Craig

I’ve heard many people, some people, one person, my imaginary friend Paco say to me, “Craig, you’ve really got it all figured out.  What are the five most important things to know in order to lead a happy, successful life?”

Paco is a saint.

And while I’ve never really codified my thoughts and values, I figured if it’ll help out people like Paco, why not give a sub-standard effort and whip something up?

1.  Life is pain

Buck up, Champ.  It’s hard out there.

2.  You can’t Gump your way through life

Ownership in a major shrimping business, investing in Apple, surviving war… none of these things just happen.  You do not lead a charmed life.

3.  Don’t gamble.

Statistics don’t lie.  Eventually you lose.  All of it.

4.  People will take anything they can from you

I’m not saying you have to distrust everybody.  But it’s a good place to start.

5. Nothing bad lasts forever

Shit happens.

The good news is that even the world’s worst shit storm doesn’t last forever.  So weather that storm AND…


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