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That’s not very funny.

Anyone who has ever made a joke has had a joke fall flat.  You say what you think is hilarious and it results in a face full of this staring back at you:

Actually, the eye-patch is wishful thinking on my part.


This is sometimes accompanied by the phrase, “That’s not funny” said as if they are delivering the sentence while gargling lemon juice.


This lemon juice reference is sponsored by Terra Madre. Es mues bueno.

Now, sometimes, this reaction is correct and educational.  You have just done/said something that is flat out unfunny.

It happens. Just ask this guy.

But it could also be the person has no sense of humor

Don’t be too hard on Putin, he just watched a Dane Cook movie; you’d be angry, too.

So, it’s important not to take it too personally.  Even awesome comedians are faced with people who don’t find them funny.

Can you believe that some people find Bobcat Goldthwait shrill and irritating? I hear it’s true.

Humor is like everything else in this world.  One size simply does not fit all.

Sometimes your joke is like a giant shoe, and you have to find the proper Asian with a Beatlesesque mop haircut that it fits.

So chin up…

Unless your chin is a dangerous weapon, illegal in most states, like this guy.

…eventually you’ll find the person who will find your joke hilarious.

Just like I found this guy.


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