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Look at All the Pretty Flags

Probably the neatest feature on the Stats page of Word Press is the world map that displays from which countries you are getting hits.  You get the national flag for each with a number and then a cold, hot, hotter color representation on the map.  In some ways I like looking at this page more than actually posting.  I’ve added some screenshots so you can enjoy them, too.

First the flags. Can’t say I’m surprised that I’m most popular among the English-speaking population. My sense of humor has never translated well into Finnish.

I’m not as popular in the Baltic States as I would like, but I’m engaging in an outreach program that should enhance my numbers.

And there’s the bottom of my list. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have gotten a hit from Zimbabwe.

And finally the complete map. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get some market penetration in Iceland & Greenland. More posts about cold, icy misery?

Now, honestly, I’m thinking many of these hits are from bots and not real human beings.

Although I would be devastated to discover the one from Estonia wasn’t legit. Estonians. They’re my peeps.

But it’s still pretty cool to look at.

You know what’s also cool to look at? A bear in a suit.


One comment on “Look at All the Pretty Flags

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