A Tribute to a Musical Pioneer

Most of you know Eddie Murphy as a guy who used to be funny.

Here Eddie, in his last days as comedy royalty in Coming to America, is given a small glimpse into his unfunny future. This photo was taken after he saw a clip of himself in The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

His most recent popular–though not especially good–work was as this:

Most thespians go their entire careers without playing beasts of burden.

But I prefer to remember him as he was, in better days.  Not as the star of the Beverly Hills Cops movies…

Remember when stuffing bananas in a tail pipe used to be funny? You don’t have to, I just showed you the only time.

But as a musical pioneer.  He wasn’t a musician in the way that some actors are musicians.

Where you go on a huge bender, wake up in a sound studio with a bunch of talented musicians and say, “Fuck it, let’s sing” like Dan Aykroyd did in “We are the World.”

No, he sang from the heart.

Sexual Chocolate was ALL about heart.

Who can forget his ground breaking hits:

Party All the Time

and Put Your Mouth on Me?

So, give it up for Eddie Murphy, truly a renaissance man.


2 comments on “A Tribute to a Musical Pioneer

  1. Playing Eddie Murphy at a party always gets a nice reaction.

  2. I learned everything I know about being a successful singer from Eddie Murphy, and it’s about damn time I gave him the proper credit for that.

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