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It’s okay to eat fish because Nemo tastes delish

Kurt Cobain once sang…

He doesn’t anymore, of course. Being dead will do that to you.

… that “it’s okay to eat fish/’Cause they don’t have any feelings.”

which was, of course, ultimately disputed by someone who loves fish the way a man loves a woman.

In what state is this moral turpitude legal?

This shouldn’t shock anyone because you can’t have an opinion without there being someone who strongly disagrees with it and is swift in sharing their contrary opinion.

Like, for example, how I share with anyone who tells me they like “Glee” how the show fills with me with murderous rage.

Of course, PETA telling people they shouldn’t eat animals carries as much weight at this point as an NRA spokesman claiming that “Guns don’t kill people.”

And, in a way, the NRA is right. There has yet to be a documented case of a banana gun fatality.

But I’m here to tell you that Kurt Cobain is right.  It’s okay to eat fish, though not because they don’t have any feelings.

But rather, as I tell any small child I can find, because Nemo is delicious.

Some learned scholar will no doubt tell you that, evolutionarily speaking, we are programmed to find the foods that sustain us delicious.

Which is why I argue that the lima bean isn’t food.

Which is why we eat this fella:

He was distraught having lost his friend, Charlotte, anyway.

But we rarely, if ever, eat this fella:

I’m going to assume skunk would taste like really stinky chicken.

Now, I’m not anti-vegetarian by any means.  I know many vegetarians.  I respect their beliefs and their eating habits.

Though it sometimes takes us a while to agree on where we should meet for dinner. My suggestion of Outback Steakhouse is not always taken in the jovial spirit in which it is intended.

But I respect the belief system of Hinduism as well.  It doesn’t mean I’m going to start worshiping cows.

“You’re thinking about hamburgers right now, aren’t you Craig?”

So, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s okay to eat fish and it’s okay not to eat fish.

Which make this post almost zen.


One comment on “It’s okay to eat fish because Nemo tastes delish

  1. […] a previous post I relayed my opinion that people shouldn’t feel bad about eating Nemo… Although I’d recommend eating around the eyes for the best flavor […]

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