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Sunday Morning Week in Review – July 8th

Another week has passed, and we here at The Dim Light would like to shine our weak spotlight on what was what in the first week of July, 2012.

I made another ten posts and significantly closed the distance to the 10,000 post mark.  At my current rate we’ll hit that milestone by the end of the month.

At which time I will celebrate with vigor and tenacity. Drinks will be on me for any blog follower who happens to be in the same bar as me that night.

Our top posts this week included a tribute to Eddie Murphy

Sadly, it was the most positive publicity he has received in quite some time.

… a concerned look at a feline conspiracy to wipe out all of my ♀ friends…

“Has my adorable bonnet distracted you from my heinous plot to poop you to death?” Sugar Blossom inquired. “Excellent. You were like putty in my paws.”

… scientists made a breakthrough that nobody really understood…

“Next time I’ll do something you will understand,” John Ellis of CERN cackled. “I will raise a zombie army. Only then, at the end, will you appreciate the God Particle.”

And America celebrated its 236th birthday.

America is too old to photograph well, so instead of a dilapidated old man, we show you a picture of this vigorous, twelve-year old bald eagle. Because Americans hate old things.

So, keep on rocking on, folks.  We intend to do the same.

I have even hired a new drummer to help achieve this end.


One comment on “Sunday Morning Week in Review – July 8th

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