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The Semi-Amazing Post #100

Today marks a significant milestone, lady and gentleman.  Today marks the 100th post made here at The Dim Light.  That’s three digits.

Or, as I like to call it, a really productive night at the bar.

Of course, 100 isn’t always a great milestone.  100 degrees is too damn hot.  100 years is too damn old.  So, I guess that makes the blog too damn old and too damn hot.

A visualization.

I spent literally seconds in planning the proper pomp and circumstance for this post.

But then I got distracted by something. I don’t know what.

And all of a sudden I was typing with nary a single idea in my head.

This must be what it feels like to be Rush Limbaugh, only all the time.

I thought about following through on my earlier threat and composing a post entirely dedicated to a Discovery Channel-like montage of wild animals getting it on, you know, in honor of those people who find my blog my using a keyword search for horny penguins.

He’s arctic. He’s aquatic. And he’s ready to GET DOWN.

But feared my site would be tagged as “mature.”

A label I’ve spent my entire life looking to avoid.

And then I considered doing a semi-meaningful post where I showed appreciation for the people in my life who deserve it.

That idea came and went with the speed of Road Runner multiplied by a factor of Speedy Gonzales.

But the answer, of course, lies where it most often does: somewhere in the middle.

I could be mistaken. There are very few answers in this sitcom, at least not to questions you want to be asking.

So I decided on very large preamble leading to a list of three things that are semi-amazing to me.

Semi-amazing because who’s really impressed by anything anymore?

3.  Free On-Demand Radio

As someone who was alive when people still taped songs off the radio on a tape deck with actual recording tape…

A visual for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. (And yes, I realize I used tape three times in the introduction. Sue me.)

…the very idea of simply choosing which song you wanted to hear, anytime you wanted to hear it, without having to flip sides, fast-forward or rewind is so revolutionary it’s like someone seeing an uzi while still in the bow and arrow age.

How Henry V really showed the French what’s what.

2.  Video Game Graphics

When I was a kid we had a Commodore-64 in the house.  This was back when Atari was just getting it’s feet wet, but we weren’t going to be THAT kind of family…

An Atari family, according to my father.

So, instead we had games available to a not-powerful-at-all CPU:

Dig Dug, only our monitor was black and white, probably because color was a tool of the devil.

…and Dam Busters a game so inconsequential no one has bothered putting an image of it up on the internet.  It involved a white dot “ship” moving across the screen and dropping a white dot “bomb” onto a string of white dots that made a “dam” until you busted it.  It could also have been named “Space Bar Destroyer.”

Nowadays you’re getting previews of new games in movie theaters that stand up on close inspection to Pixar films.

Honestly, what’s the point in mashing my space bar now?

1.  The Segway

For far too long people have had to walk or bike like chumps if they wanted to get somewhere there car couldn’t take them.  Not anymore.

And finally, cops in pedestrian malls no longer have to look absurd riding bicycles.

So, here’s to innovation.  Here’s to 100 posts.  Here’s to you, the viewer.  And finally, I leave you with this last image to sear the occasion of my centennial post into your memory forever:

You’re welcome, ladies.


One comment on “The Semi-Amazing Post #100

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