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Sunday Morning Week in Review – July 15th

Another week, another… I really wish I had planned ahead and knew what to say for the second part of that.

Good idea. Next time I will definitely plan ahea.

This past week has seen a bump in overall views here at The Dim Light, which means Faith No More must have been featured on some VH1-style nostalgia fest.

Faith No More, they used to epically care a lot, now they just grow pumpkins.

In fact, this week saw the Dim Light reach its second highest view total in its 89 week history, thanks to a plug by a Facebook Friend who had no ulterior motive whatsoever.

Top posts this week included a look at an effort to turn guns into art

This speaks to me on zero levels.

… a look at some of the flights and fancies of The Worldwide Leader in Sports…

One of these guys is a relief pitcher for the Giants. The other likes beef jerky. You were fine when you didn’t know any of this.

…a look at the sexy, sexy spam comments my site has received…

Which are strangely flattering.

… and, oh yeah, my site’s very special 100th post.

Next landmark, 105, at least according to WordPress, who takes achievable goal-making to the extreme.

In the coming week I have no particular plans but will no doubt post many times.  If you visit the site often enough (or VH1 re-airs some Faith No More footage) we might be celebrating our 10,000th page view this week.

Which would be as neat as a bespectacled man in a bow tie.


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