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The place where I get my ideas

There are basically two reactions people have when they learn you’re a “writer.”

“Writer” as defined as one who writes, rather than one who publishes, or one who smokes from a pipe.

The first one is to share with you a great idea they had once…

“It was about this guy with no filter who became Vice President,” a purely hypothetical person said as Craig quietly shook his head.

…which of course has absolutely no bearing on what you, as a writer, are interested in.

I try to be subtle in displaying my non-interest. I have some work to do in the whole “subtle” department.

Or they ask something along the lines of, “Where do you get your ideas?”

When someone asks me this I always think that they are imagining that I go to some amazingly wonderful place filled with joy, wisdom and Oompa Loompas.

Like a Chocolate Factory run by Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka.

But the truth is much more twisted, surreal and even ugly.

Like a chocolate factory run by Johnny Depp’s version of Willy Wonka.

Now, most writers I know like to keep their process to themselves, which serves to make them appear more mysterious…

Not an accurate visual representation of most writers’ creative process.

…and in my experience people who wish to appear mysterious are usually embarrassed by the truth.

That the Oompa Loompas are the real creative force in their imagination factory.

So, in an effort to not be “that guy”…

The one wearing a fedora and sporting an entirely unnecessary scarf

…I’m going to let my blog readers peer behind my creative curtain…

Not THAT curtain

…and see the place I visit for my ideas.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Okay.  Here it is:

Where the magic happens.

Now that you know, I beg you not to tell anyone.

I have an image to maintain.


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