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Finally, an objective third-party makes the case that I’m a pirate.

Geekzodiac.com has a cool wheel of awesome new zodiac signs, the kind that would appeal to a dedicated nerd like myself.

The only thing I don’t like about this is it means everyone born in my year of birth was also a pirate… but then I just imagine I make the ones I don’t like walk the plank and it’s all cool again.

I feel obligated to say “Arrr” already (more so than usual).  The rest of my family breaks down as follows:

Dr. Chuck, my father, born in 1948

With a strong background in math and computer programming, it only makes sense that the old man would come in as a robot.

Karen, my mother, born in 1950

Alien…. hmmmm… it’s possible she’s going to refuse to bake me cookies after this post.

Nate “Butterscotch” Leska, brother, born in 1973

I didn’t even need to LOOK on Google for this picture, I just used his senior picture from our high school yearbook.

Shaun “Skippy” Leska, brother, born in 1979

Time Traveler. I haven’t seen him use his powers, but at least that means he isn’t using them for evil. (On a side note, the fifth image that comes up on a Google search for Time Traveler is of Hitler. Shaun can thank me for not using that image at his leisure.)

All of these are surprisingly accurate, but they’ve got nothing on me.

Craig “TNT” Leska, self, born in 1977

Finally! An excuse to buy myself a parrot!

So, what are you?


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