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Knicks look like they’re passing on another year of Lin-sanity; is that Lin-sane or Lin-genious?

If you watch sports programming at all you are aware of the Jeremy Lin story.

It’s your classic underdog story about a kid with a degree from Harvard who beat the odds and became a millionaire.

It’s basically Good Will Hunting told through the lens of Ayn Rand.

Ivy League basketball player is waived by two franchises in the NBA only to be picked up by a hapless team in the media center of the world and plays for a couple of weeks like he’s just invented flubber.

The implications are staggering.

Then he gets hurt and his fifteen minutes seem to be over.

Enter the Houston Rockets.

Until the off-season where Lin is able to win his free agency and gets a three-year $25 million contract offer.

Please, Sir Lin, may I have some?

Which the Knicks (a team that spends money like its printing it, damn the results on the floor) appear unwilling to match.

Probably because it would have made their pool of money a half-inch shallower than they would like.

And on the one hand they look insane.  The $$$$$ they made off of the Jeremy Lin story was huge.

And everyone likes two-story high money.

And likely would continue to be.  On the other side, he showed that he wasn’t exactly a great match with star Carmelo Anthony.

No doubt because Anthony is jealous that, through no fault of his own, his last name is much more difficult to make bad puns with than Lin’s.

So a decision was made and it looks like the Knicks are going in a different direction.

Neither of these directions seems likely to lead to an NBA Championship.

Is this a bad idea or a good one?  Only time will tell.

And the Time Lord’s have remained mute on the subject.

But my money is on this being a good decision.  Ian O’Connor may disagree, but I just don’t see much upside to Lin’s game.  I think he can be a solid player in the league, but not a difference maker and not worth the $14+ million he’s going to be paid in 2014-15.

Worth that amount of money? Fairly Legal’s Sarah Shahi. Easy.

So as long as the Knicks don’t throw the money they’re saving on Lin away…

Re-signing J.R. Smith doesn’t inspire confidence in this regard, but there’s still hope. Maybe.

So, to sum up my feelings:  Jeremy Lin had a good year.  But the Knicks are not Lin-sane to let him go.  I just hope they do something a little bit more Lin-spired than signing Ray Felton.


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