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Quick Update

Just a quick information dump on a little updating I did to the blog.

The steaming pile of information I have left behind.

I have updated the blog tagline; I am no longer just another WordPress web site.  Now I am special.  How special?

So special this random good-looking guy started high-fiving everyone in the bar when he found out.

My new tagline (see above) is “Where humor, tragedy and poor eyesight combine to make awesome word babies.”

A baby saying a naughty word, not an actual word baby.

I have also updated the From the Darkest Corners sample and the image associated with the blog.

It’s a dim light. A little too on the nose, maybe?

All this in an effort to make this site look 8% less amateurish.

The next two items on the agenda: card tricks and wicked awesome sideburns. It’s a brave new world.


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