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I can’t change my name to Quinn Quincy because I no longer know how to write a capital Q in cursive

Every once in a while you happen upon a situation that makes you as an adult incredibly angry with a younger version of you.

Every time a hot French woman stops me on the street to ask for directions I want to slap myself for not taking more French.

And that moment happened to me again today as I was thinking about nom de plume‘s.  That’s French for pen name

See! I do know a little French. Also “Bonjour” and “ooh la la.” Please like me French ladies.

meaning an assumed name and not just a name I give my pen.

If you’re interested, my pen’s name is Betsy.

My instinct was to go with something that would look fabulous on a book cover.  So names that start with “K” or “Z” or “Q” were where I was focusing most of my attention.

I hear that’s also why “Citizen Kane” wasn’t “Citizen Bane.”

And finally I decided on Quinn Quincy over Ken Kittinger and Zach Zardoz.

The book jacket photo I would have used had I gone with Zach Zardoz.

And then I was going to sign my new nom de plume, to try it on for size and I couldn’t do it.  I’d forgotten how to write a cursive-Q.

I faked a hand cramp to get over the embarrassment. And then I was embarrassed because there was no one there to see the effort I just went through.

And then I thought and realized, other than the letters in my normal, boring, name, there are probably a lot of cursive letters that I no longer know how to form, including the Ks and Zs.

Which smushed my Zardoz idea in the face, as well.

Normally I wouldn’t care at all, but this was my new nom de plume that was in danger due to this failing.  So I did what everyone does now, I looked it up on the internet.

Ah, yes. It looks like the number two. Does that mean my pen name would be 2uinn 2uincy? Is 2uinn 2uincy q legit q 2uit?  I’m confused.

So, the good news is, Quinn Quincy is back on the table.

And Zardoz remains MAGNIFICENT!

But it’s a little sad that my knowledge of cursive has gone to the same place as my knowledge of dinosaur names…

I have absolutely no recollection of the ignorasaurus, for example.

and G.I. Joe characters.

Excepting Destro, who I will never forget because he completes me.

I can’t even think of my grade school teachers without blushing with shame.  I am so sorry.

I’m even more sad than this monkey. But then I think about being Quinn Quincy and all is right in the world again.


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