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My brother is back in the saddle, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Maybe that was the point

Write something.  Write something.  Write something.  At this point, my abdomen is so tense I feel the need to just throw something out there to make up for my lack of originality and commitment.  Also to bring vulgar/inappropriate photos from the internet that make me giggle like a schoolgirl.



Even ninjas can’t help.  I’m screwed.

The funny thing is that I really like writing.  And I’m as opinionated as any Fox News idiot.  (But I’m smart, so there is that difference.)  So why?  Why?  Why do I struggle?


Maybe it’s time to let go.  Just let go and write silly obnoxious stuff.  I know that I might have that in me.


Hmm.  Yes.  Feeling more confident.  Let’s see where this might go.


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