How many followers do you need to officially be a cult?

“Followers” is a feature of WordPress that sounds more impressive than it actually is.

Rather like those contests where you have to eat a steak that weighs X amount of pounds before (I assume) dying.

A follower is someone who gets e-mails every time you post to your blog, thereby making it easier for them to know about and enjoy your posts.

This is how I imagine my followers responding to the e-mail telling them I’ve posted. Yes, I imagine I’m followed by people who look like overweight raccoons. What do you assume your followers look like?

Only as far as I can tell, Followers (or any WordPress user for that matter) visiting my site do not count on my page view count, which is the only way to really measure traffic.

It’s like asking this guy to keep track of how many red cars are driving by… red cars sound different than other colored cars, I hope.

I know this because some of my posts have gotten two or more “likes” from my WordPress peers before a single hit has been registered.  Now, you can read the individual posts from the Home Page, but you can’t “like” it from there.  So, basically WordPress users are like stealthy ninjas when visiting my site.

Azizur, WordPress user, soccer fan, ninja.

So, while I want to feel good about getting more followers…

It should feel like this.

There’s just no way to even know they’re there.

Which feels like this.

So, having said that, I’m now up to two dozen followers and counting.

Captured in a group photo here. Maybe. Since they’re invisible.

So, I was wondering how many more I need until we’re considered a cult.

of personality. (singing) Neon lights, Nobel prize….


2 comments on “How many followers do you need to officially be a cult?

  1. you can get likes if someone sees your posts while browsing in the reader in any of the tags you use, that is basically, “liking without reading” 😦

  2. Interesting. Good to know.

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