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Three places the web will probably never take you, but it could

For this post I had to do a lot of research, which really isn’t my thing.  Usually I’m more of a “find a kernel of an idea and just riff on it” kind of guy.

I suppose you could say that if WordPress was GNR, I’d be Slash.

But this idea required that I rev up my search engine and wear the appropriate adventuring attire:

A rubber suit because there be porn in these waters.

And speaking of porn, I decided right from the beginning that though it would be easy to offer up some horrible fetish as a place the web could take you that you wouldn’t (hopefully) want to go, it was just too easy.

Surfing the web for dirty porn is easier than fishing in a supermarket.  And, yes, I’m sure if I looked I’d find some kind of fish fetish site out there.  Not going to happen.

So, here I offer to you three web sites you probably wouldn’t find on your own that aren’t porn-related:

3.  A complimentary post in broken English about the quickly cancelled television show:  “Medicine Ball.”

Medicine Ball was a young-doctor show that featured such second-tier actors as Sam McMurray

An actor so awesome his IMDB profile page features only his LEFT ARM.

who has also appeared on such doctor shows as “Chicago Hope,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”  The show has two messages on IMDB and the most cogent comment for the series is this one:

2.  A man giving his son something he couldn’t have otherwise:  A broccoli house

This is actually a neat little story.  Artist Brock Davis couldn’t build a real tree-house for his son, so he did the next best thing:  Built a tiny broccoli-house.  Sure, you can’t climb up in it to escape the world…

Unless Rick Moranis happened to be your uncle

but it was pretty neat all the same.

1.  An index of blogs run by Catholic nuns.

Now, I might be wrong about this one, but I sure as heck would never think to go here.

And, yes, apparently you can sign up to receive tweets. I can’t vouch for the quality or quantity of those tweets, though I would hazard a guess at “holy” and “less than LeBron James.”

So, there you go.  Or rather, probably don’t.


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