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If you read only one blog post today, don’t waste it on this one


I’m going to tell you straight, this is going to be one half-assed blog post, and really, don’t you deserve to read a post that is full-assed?

Less than you deserve.

Because I’ve been thinking lately, that I’ve made this blog all about me and not about you, the reader.

We’ll address the question of how this guy can read without eyes in another post.

And that was selfish of me.  As selfish as a man who has a harem of women.

In some versions of the afterlife, this will be what I deserve. But for right now, this is just flat out wrong.

But I ran into a problem when I tried tackling a post from your perspective reader.

My perspective looks like this. No wonder my posts are so messed up.

And that problem is that I just don’t know your perspective.  What would you like me to focus on?


Popular Music?


Pop culture?

Or just weird stuff?

Anyway, let me know.  Because what you think matters.

Because, like Information Society, I want to know what’s on your mind.






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