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Sunday Morning Week in Review – July 22nd

It has been an eventful week and month here at the Dim Light.  We eclipsed the 10,000 post barrier…

We didn’t even need a grappling hook.

Suck it, Batman!

… and we did it by posting two of the four highest daily view totals in the history of the site.

You’re going to have to imagine the Leskian National Anthem as it is quite obscene and involves Lego characters doing horrible, dirty things.

And we did it on the heels of the lowest rated post in the history of the Dim Light:

It was likely a criticism of my golden-retriever level Photo Shop skills.

We had more popular posts this past week about bad high school poetry

Which was not–but should have been–about the man in this picture.

…the death of fancy writing in the iPad age…

This either reads, “I love you Mom” or “I love you Sam” or possibly, “A wue blou nbm.” I can’t really tell.

…and a post revealing the inner workings of my mind.

It wasn’t pretty.

And with that I will likely be taking a little break from the blog, but will be back soon with more posts about  nothing.


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