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The Other Craig Leska

My name is not a very common one.  Craig doesn’t equal John and Leska doesn’t equal Smith. So, I’m not a victim of mistaken identity very often, unlike my friend Mike Collins who gets pulled aside every time he tries to board a plane because the FAA believes he’s some kind of Irish terrorist.

My friend has never had his life portrayed on film by Liam Neeson, but that isn’t immediately obvious to the FAA.

So I’ve never had to go through the hassle that he–and many others–find commonplace.

Which is why the operators of the FAA scan machines have never seen me do this.

But, as it turns out, I am not alone.  There is another Craig Leska.

I know, you’re shocked. But hold on to your top hat.

He’s contacted me twice.  Once in college over e-mail and a second time via Facebook.  I feel a little bit like I’m being stalked… by myself.

If someone doesn’t watch out, a good, old-fashioned mirror-match may just break out.

I’ve received friend requests from his relatives (he uses a different name on Facebook, probably so I can vet the weirdos for him.)

Look, friend, I don’t doubt that you’re A crazy uncle. You’re just not MY crazy uncle. And no you can’t borrow money from me.

And now the ghost of the other Craig Leska has followed me here to my blog.  Well, I won’t tolerate it any more.  I’m putting my foot down.


This blog belongs to the sexy Craig Leska from New York and (once upon a time) Ohio.

Pictured here in my 2011 Christmas outfit.

If you’re looking for the IT Craig Leska from Louisiana and Minnesota (the least sexy state in the continental 48) look elsewhere.  He’s not here.  He never will be here.  There’s room for only one Craig Leska in this blog and I got here first.

I apologize for the rant.  To cleanse the palette: a picture of questionable taste:

Did I say questionable? I meant bad.


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