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Ew. You found my site by looking up what again?

Sometimes I wonder why I look at the search terms used to find my site.  Most of them are the same, and the ones that are different can be somewhat terrifying.

Yes, zebra-level terrifying.

But I can’t help myself, it’s like looking at a car accident… or teacup juggling.

It is oddly compelling.

And today was a day where I wondered again how humanity ever managed to think itself out of the caves.

And invent caveman litigation

Someone found my site while looking up “Hansel and Gretel porn.”


Keep in mind, this means the person looking up “Hansel and Gretel porn” clicked through to my site, whereupon he became very, very disappointed.

At least I sincerely hope so.

It makes you doubt the decency of the whole human race… and my ability to accurately tag my blog posts.

“And that wraps up my blog post. Now all I need to do is add the word ‘porn’ to all my tags to increase my traffic and it is all set to post.”

So, please, stop looking for porn in my blog, be it the penguin, harem or fairy tale variety.  There are plenty of other sites for you to go to if you’re into that sort of thing.  Why on God’s green Earth would you choose to go to my site?

My girlfriend, here, says that freaks aren’t welcome.




One comment on “Ew. You found my site by looking up what again?

  1. When people stumble upon my blog while looking for porn, I try to keep them busy for as long as possible…(mostly by having a very random and entertaining blog), you know, just as a public service. I do the same thing with telephone salespeople. Keep them on the line as long as possible so they don’t have time to bother little old ladies.
    Good post.

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