A Plague on Both Houses (this post has an 88% truth content)

Fall is coming swift upon us, and given that this is a Presidential Election year, that means the rhetoric from both sides is flying hard and fast in all directions.


I’m registered with a party, and anyone who knows me at all knows which one without me saying it.  But, like everyone else, I have friends, family and acquaintances on the other side.

“Um, you’re on the other side of this line in the sand, but we can still talk, right?”

And they’re not “the enemy.” They’re not some great Other.  They’re just people who disagree with me on a few things.

Like, whether I look good with a green star on my navel. I think it looks smashing, but it’s not for everyone.

But that’s not what it feels like at this time of year.  The party’s rhetoric is being repeated ad nauseum, often clearly without the poster really thinking about the truth value of what is being said.

Obama is not an Islamic infiltrator.

Romney is not a cyborg killing machine.

But that doesn’t stop their camps from producing (at best) misleading information and from people (some of whom are my friends) from repeating it via Facebook posts that have convinced exactly 0 people to switch sides.

A picture of the September meeting of my local chapter of the People Who Have Been Convinced to Vote for a Particular Candidate Via Social Media Persuasion.

It makes me wish that someone had passed some legislation to have a body who vetted all campaign commercials and assigned a truth value to them.  This Romney commercial had a 62% truth content, this Obama commercial had a 64% truth content and so on.  I don’t mean an obscure web site you’d have to actively seek out on your own, but a big freaking number in the middle of the screen that precedes and follows every damn commercial.  We can do it for food additives, we can do it for politics.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a cure all.  It would do nothing to impact the alarming number of people who are ill-informed because they have not invested the time to find out who actually represents their interests.

Many of whom have invested that time in studying the bizarre mating habits of the North American Snooki, a previously obscure creature that has risen to national prominence of late due to people having, in large, horrible taste.

But it would be a step in the right direction.

You just take a left off of Wrong Way onto Right Way. Couldn’t be easier.

Until such time, we all just have to do the best we can.  That’s what I intend to do.

Well, that and avoid using Facebook as much as possible until the Political Shitstorm has passed.


2 comments on “A Plague on Both Houses (this post has an 88% truth content)

  1. Your godless liberal bias is showing, Craig – why is the republican candidate two points lower than the democrat? Socialist.

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