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The 47th percent has never been as hot as it is right now, for reasons I will not be getting into here.  You see, I’ve always been enamored of 47% and wish to share with the uninitiated some of the highlights of this vastly underrated percentage before it became a star:

47% of the American People can believe it’s not butter.

47% of all Canadians believe that -10% C is just too darn cold

47% of all English Literature graduates have or will work at McDonalds.

47% of Americans under the age of 18 believe the eye-patch was invented by Steve Jobs.

47% of American grandparents secretly loathe their grandchildren.

47% of New York Mets fans are New York Yankees fans who couldn’t get tickets to Yankee stadium

47% of Lebron James equals 125% of Darko Milicic

47% of my readers think the following picture is strangely alluring:

The other 53% are now hungry for some bacon.

47% of people who click on this post will not read to the end.

47% of my 47% posts are self-referential.

47% of all Mitt Romney impersonators are women.

47% of people who just read the above are really, really upset.

If you remove about 47% of the word “absentminded” it would be “absent”

I have about 47% of the enthusiasm I had when I started this post by the time I ended it.

Thank you.  You’ve been a great audience.


One comment on “47%

  1. All the way to the end. I thought about 53% of those was funny.

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