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So, you say you had a lovely lunch, do you? PPOR!!!!!!

Today I had a nice lunch with a couple of people I’ve known for years.  We showed up at the restaurant.  We exchanged pleasantries.  We reminisced.  We looked forward.  We ate.  We drank.  We paid.  We moved on.  All in all, it was a successful lunching transaction.

According to the standards of modern social networking, the lunch never happened.

But, then again, there are those who insist that Big Bird was never captured by the Empire, so take it for what it’s worth.

You see, neither of my lunch mates have Facebook or Instagram or a Twitter account…

Nor they do they have a myspace page, but who does anymore?

Ordinarily this isn’t a problem, but nowadays it seems like an event didn’t happen unless one of three things happened:

1.  Someone took a picture of the food.

or, rather, everyone took multiple pictures

2.  Someone took a picture of the “crew”

Everyone say, “Dude sandwich!”

3.  Someone let everyone else know where the food was consumed, who was there and linked the update so that it appeared on everyone’s wall, where they could officially deny it if it were untrue.

This was one SPECTACULAR lunch.

My lunch lacks all three and thus exists in the murky world of maybe…

Call it, the Odessa Lunch

…but doesn’t it belong there?  When did every meal needed to be photographed before consumed?  And, why–dear God why?–are kids getting alcohol enemas?

I know, a bit of a tangent here, but seriously?

When did it happen that people either:

A.) pre-supposed that other people want to see every food item that enters their pie-hole

Even when the food clearly ISN’T pie


B.) Felt an urgency to prove that they were indeed where they said they were, with who they say they were and have documentation to prove it.

It’s like someone is refusing to give them soup until they post proof. “PPOR!” the soup nazi shouted. “I don’t know what that means!” the twenty-something girl screamed back at him. “And who are you, anyway?” In the corner of the restaurant, Kramer cried a single tear.

It boggles my mind.  Folks who don’t use social media are people, too.  I can’t help but think that they are being somehow marginalized by an entire segment of society…

On second thought, it’s probably for the best.


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