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Happy Halloween!

It’s amazing how quickly the time flies by.  It seems like only a year has passed since the last time I saw this many jack-o-lanterns on display.

The weak are meat and the strong do eat.

Halloween is my least favorite Holiday.

It is only rivaled by “Imperialism by White Europeans is Awesome!” Day. Also, Christopher Columbus knew from hats.

So I will be celebrating by anxiously awaiting November 1st, which is another significant day on a much smaller scale.

A small scale. What? Too literal?

No, I’m not talking about All Saints Day…

Sorry, Drew Brees.

But rather the two year anniversary of this blog.

Embrace the excitement. This guy sure is.

It’s been a good run.  There have been some laughter.  Some tears.

Some robo-urinal jokes.

And now, two years, nearly 150 posts and 13,000 page views later, I think it is time to bid this blog adieu and start off fresh on Blogger.  Thanks to all of you who have liked, followed, commented and silently chuckled over the past two years.  I appreciate it.

And now I leave you with one last image to remember this blog by:

In my nightmares, this is what Satan’s face looks like.


One comment on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Many laughs for sure. The blog live on…elsewhere.

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