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Happy Birthday to Me

So, I turn 34 today. Yay! Happy Birthday to me. Oooooh, Cake! I shouldn’t have! Birthdays are funny things.  You love them when you’re a kid, longer if you like cake, but eventually they turn into hard things to celebrate as we accumulate more baggage.  I’ve always shared my birthday with my brother. Pictured here […]

Proof of a Higher Power?

The debate over the existence of god in either the lower or upper case has gone on for ages with heated arguments made on either side that convince no one on the other side.  In this debate I have remained, as ever, neutral. Precious tool of my trade. But today I learned of something that […]

Is That a Nun in Your Luggage or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

So, in case you missed it, this happened the other day. For those of you too lazy to click the link, a monk tried to board an airplane  in Greece with the bones of a nun in his luggage.  That’s right, including the skull. Good news! It fits easily in the overhead compartment!  Dude tried […]